[FreeNAS-announce] FreeNAS 9.10-RELEASE is available

Jordan Hubbard jkh at ixsystems.com
Tue Mar 22 00:32:32 PDT 2016

Hi folks,

The FreeNAS Development Team is very happy to announce that FreeNAS 9.10-RELEASE <http://download.freenas.org/9.10/RELEASE/> is now available!

This is an interim release between the 9.3 series and 10 (which is still a few months away), using the same UI and middleware that everyone is used to from 9.3 but with new OS underpinnings, specifically FreeBSD 10.3-RC3. 

Coincident with this release of 9.10, we are also placing 9.3 into maintenance mode and will only be pushing further updates to the 9.3-STABLE train in response to the most critical security advisories or product flaws. We therefore strongly suggest that all current users of 9.3 upgrade to 9.10 in order to continue to benefit from the ongoing maintenance and bug fix work we will be doing on the 9.10-STABLE Train.  Most, if not all, bug fixes will be made exclusively to the 9.10-STABLE train in reaction to tickets filed on http://bugs.freenas.org.  Again:  Users who choose to stay on the 9.3-STABLE train will see only the most critical bug fixes and no new features or non-essential enhancements.

To update to 9.10 from 9.3, go to System->Update and select the 9.10-STABLE train from the Train selection drop-down.  To update from any earlier release of FreeNAS to 9.10, simply grab the ISO image <http://download.freenas.org/9.10/RELEASE/x64/FreeNAS-9.10-RELEASE.iso> and boot it (from CD, IPMI or USB stick), selecting the Upgrade option in the installer.

A note on jails for 9.10:  As you will see in the release notes, the FreeNAS jail templates have also been updated to FreeBSD 10.3.  Due to the way templates are cached, however, anyone currently using jails (including plugins) will continue to use the cached (already fetched) 9.3 jail templates.  This is not really a problem since FreeBSD 10 is backwards compatible with 9.3 and all existing plugins and jails should continue to function normally after the upgrade, but should you create any new jails or plugins, you may be surprised to note that they're also using the 9.3 templates.  This is a limitation of the jails architecture in FreeNAS which is being addressed differently in 10, and for now the only way around this is, unfortunately, to nuke your jails dataset completely (to delete all cached templates) along with any jails in it, and start over with a new jails dataset.

Also as noted in the release notes, experimental support for bhyve virtual machines has been added to this release, along with an interim tool called iohyve for managing them.  In 10, VM management will all be handled at a much higher level in the new middleware, but for now, at least, users with sufficient Unix savvy can create VMs for experimentation purposes.  Given that 9.10 and 10 both use the same version of bhyve, those same users should also be able to hand-migrate their VM images when the time comes.

The upgrade to FreeBSD 10.3 brings a lot of new hardware support and performance improvements to the popular FreeNAS 9.x series, and we sincerely hope you enjoy this release while we continue to work hard to bring you the ground-up rewrite that is 10!


The FreeNAS Development Team

Release Notes:

The base OS version for FreeNAS 9.10 is now FreeBSD 10.3-RC3,
bringing in a huge number of OS-related bug fixes, performance
improvements and new features (new drivers, new CPU chipset support,
USB 3.0, etc) and basic support for hosting virtual machines with

Directory Services:
You can now connect to large AD domains with cache disabled.

Add the ability to send collectd data to a remote graphite server.

Hardware Support:
Added Support for Intel I219-V & I219-LM Gigabit Ethernet Chipset
Added Support for Intel Skylake architecture
Improved support for USB devices (like network adapters)
USB 3.0 devices now supported.

Samba (SMB filesharing) updated from version 4.1 to 4.3.4
Added GUI feature to allow nfsv3-like ownership when using nfsv4
Various bug fixes related to FreeBSD 10. For more in-depth information,
see the ChangeLog file.

FreeBSD ports updated to follow the FreeBSD 2016Q1 branch.

FreeBSD Jails now default to a FreeBSD 10.3-RC2 based template.
Old jails, or systems on which jails have been installed, will still
default to the previous FreeBSD 9.3 based template. Only those machines
using jails for the first time (or deleting and recreating their jails
dataset) will use the new template.

In the upcoming 10 release, the CLI will offer full support for managing
virtual machines and containers. Until then, the iohyve command is
bundled as a stop-gap solution to provide basic VM management support -
see https://github.com/pr1ntf/iohyve for more information.

Nightlies branch now gets you FreeNAS-9.10-Nightlies
This release, and all future updates to it, are on the FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE
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